History of Horses in America

History of Horses in America

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History of Horses in AmericaBefore America was the industrial powerhouse it is today, it was an agricultural powerhouse.  In fact, success in American agriculture nearly bankrupted England at one point.  Downton Abbey fans will recognize the back story where Lord Grantham needed to marry an American heiress to save his family’s estate.  But that is another story, told by someone else for another time. Continue reading

Early American Farm Horses informational blog post

Early American Farm Horse Facts and Farmer Boy

The early American farm horse helped build the country, as described in the book Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The Wilders were successful and relatively wealthy farmers. Their barns (yes, more than one) are described in detail and they owned a herd of horses. The purebred Morgans also brought in quite a lot of money each year when Pa Wilder sold matched pairs of horses to New York City horse buyers. The Ingalls in contrast felt lucky to have even a single team of horses instead of oxen. The Ingalls horses, Sam and David, were not described by breed or even appearance, but they were just as important to the Ingalls as the purebred Morgans were to the Wilders. Sam and David were likely mixed breed horses which did not make them any less useful or less of a farm horse.

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